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Shipping & Delivery
We ship items Royal Mail. 
While we strive to ship items as fast as we can we may occasionally be overwhelmed with orders and it can sometimes take a day or two to ship some orders. 
For orders with expedited shipping services, we can usually get those out the same day they were ordered if the order is placed before 1:00 pm (except weekends or holidays). After your order has been processed and shipped, we will email you tracking information if this service has been requested.
Privacy & Security
Please view our full Privacy Policy by clicking on the Privacy Policy.
Returns & Replacements
Because we do not keep regular inventory of our products handeling returns and replacements can be difficult. Since we often sell out of items and may never see them again we hope that when you purchase something, it is something you intend to keep. Also, considering the super low price you paid, you could likely turn around and sell it online or to a friend and break even if not make a little profit. Regardless, we do know that mistakes happen and we make plenty of mistakes ourselves when shipping orders so returns and replacements will happen. Simply contact our customer support using the contact us link at the top of every page and let us know what we can do to get your order sorted out..
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
All payments must be made online using our website or other agreed terms. Sadly, we ca not take trades, accept your gold bullion or have you pay with indetured servitude (we are fully staffed right now) and PayPal and credit  or debit cards are fine. If you read our boring and lenghty privacy policy you would know that we do not store your sensitive credit card information on our servers so feel safe and spend big! While we try to get prices right the first time, we may make a mistake and have to change a price. We reserve the right to reject or cancel an order or change prices on a whim without notice (hey, its our site). Same goes for promotions, we try not to make mistakes but if we do, we reserve the right to fix them in whatever way we deem necessary.
Viewing Orders
If you created an account while checking out or already had one, you can view your orders and other fun stuff by clicking on the "my acount" link toward the top of every page. We also send emails to update you on the status of your order.
Updating Account Information
Just like most everything else on the site that does not involve buying, paying for stuff or reading boring policies you can access your account information along with all the other important information by clicking on the "my accout" link toward the top of every page.
Customer service contact information

email: Please use the form on the "Contact" page and we will reply as soon as possible.